WebGL Academy

Learn WebGL and 3D algorithmic for free

This platform has been developed in order to learn WebGL and 3D algorithmic in a progressive and interactive way. It is a simplified online IDE with automatic indentation, syntax highlighting for HTML, Javascript, GLSL and Python. You can run your code and download your project. It uses Codemirror.

The tutorials are presented in a progressive way. Sometimes there are some development exercises. The indexing of the tutorials only depends on their chronological writing. Below, I have grouped them in several courses. I advise to follow the order of the tutorials inside each course.

Before starting the courses, you should feel comfortable with JavasScript and it would be great if you already know basics of linear algebra (multiplication, addition matrix/vector) and trigonometry (cosinus and sinus stories...).

The code provided for the different demonstrations is given in a very sequential format. It won't be handy to have too many files with this simplified IDE and we want to focus on WebGL instead of JavaScript best practices. So all the code is put in script.js. If you want to develop your own 3D engine, you should split the code in different modules and classes and you should use software engineering to keep it clean.

The courses

Click here to launch WebGL Academy IDE with all the tutorials.

In this section, I have grouped the tutorials into differents courses. For each course, I recommend following the provided order (from top to bottom).

Advanced courses
You should have done the previous part, WebGL Basis, before starting these tutorials. These modules are not linked.

About me

I am Xavier Bourry ( Twitter @xavierbourry ). You can contact me either on Linkedin.

In June 2016 I have cofounded a tech startup, Jeeliz, specialized in GPU deep learning in the browser. Our technology uses feedforward deep neural networks to process the camera video stream in realtime in the web browser.

I teach 3D programming with WebGL in a French school of computer science engineering, l'Esipe MLV. I also offer tailored training in web 3D programming and 3D algorithmic using either raw WebGL or Three.js. My training sessions are in French or in English and I can freely move around the NYC area (I am based in Princeton NJ). Of course, I use this tool for my training sessions, and I even improve it after each session!

Before starting Jeeliz I provided 3D web development services and training with my own service company, SPACEGOO in the Paris area, in france.

I have written 2 books: